About Brown Sims

For over 50 years, Brown Sims has dedicated itself to providing its clients with experienced based solutions tailored to their specific legal problems. In the courtroom, the boardroom, and the community, Brown Sims represents and counsels clients in virtually every major industry.

Representing and Counseling Industry Leaders

Brown Sims’ clients include industry leaders and businesses in the construction, energy, environmental, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, maritime, products manufacturing and design, professional services, retail, and transportation industries.

Through its experienced and talented practice groups, Brown Sims offers legal counseling and focus in appellate, arbitration, business, insurance, transactional, trial, and workers’ compensation issues.

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Many legal problems are susceptible to recurrence or may have more than one solution. Without an adequate understanding of what gives rise to a specific legal issue or an appreciation of the ramifications of a particular solution, what seems like a quick fix solution can become a long term problem.

At its inception, Brown Sims recognized that its clients desired more than excellent results—they also desired excellent counseling. Brown Sims helps its clients put their legal issues into context while escaping cycles of repetitive problems. Brown Sims also offers its clients insightful analysis of the larger impact that alternative resolutions can have and assists them in picking the best course.


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