Professional Service Providers

In addition to medical, architectural, and engineering professionals, Brown Sims defends attorneys, accountants, directors and officers, real estate brokers and agents, home inspectors, insurance brokers, and financial planners.

The firm defends its clients against claims of professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, consumer protection violations, breach of contract, and fraud, as well as the defense of grievances and complaints before state licensing boards.

Brown Sims understands that the immediate legal problems faced by licensed professionals may also have serious and long-term effects on their licenses and businesses.

Many professionals simply cannot afford a “get rid of it at all cost” approach to litigation or professional complaints because of the long-term effect such claims can have on a professional’s reputation or license. The firm assists professionals in understanding the impact and risks associated with settlement, reprimands, and litigation.

The firm represents professionals in all phases of license complaints and legal complaints, including: responses to grievances, board complaints, demand letters, and federal and state litigation.

The types of cases handled by Brown Sims for these professionals include: accounting malpractice, legal malpractice, grievances, design defects, negligent inspections, and attempts to draw adjusters into bad faith litigation.

Recent cases handled by Brown Sims include:

  • Successful defense of an accounting firm alleged to have failed to detect embezzlement and fraud of client’s employee.
  • Successful defense of an accounting firm for claims of conspiracy, fraud, and accounting malpractice in connection with the handling of a partnership’s books.
  • Successful defense of attorney accused of representing both the buyer and seller in a transaction and acting only in the best interests of the buyer.

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