Brown Sims victorious at trial: Significant Exposure to All Louisiana Public Bodies Averted

May 12

Lane Roy and Elizabeth Austin achieved a major victory in the 17th JDC, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. The case involved a “100-year flood” of a low-lying subdivision adjacent to Bayou Lafourche. One hundred and forty-seven plaintiffs sued the Parish claiming neglected drainage and an inoperable flood pump caused catastrophic flooding and resultant damage to homes and personal property.

Through pretrial briefs, Lane and Elizabeth directed the Court to the central legal issues. Testimony of Insured’s employees and local experts carried the day. Following a three-day bench trial on liability, the matter was taken under advisement. At the May 12th Post-Trial hearing, the Court found no liability and dismissed the case. Plaintiffs’ initial demand was $2.9 million. An offer of $25,000 was made before trial. At trial conclusion, Plaintiffs demanded $1.7 million. The verdict dismissed all claims with prejudice at Plaintiffs’ cost.

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