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July 8

Brown Sims attorneys obtain a full defense verdict in a products liability case where the plaintiffs were seeking in excess of $6.5 Million

This case involved an eight-month old girl who was seated in a Bumbo baby seat on a table. The child’s mother was feeding her and simultaneously preparing dinner. According to the plaintiffs, the girl suddenly got out of her baby … Read full post…

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November 2

Asbestos: Is a Navy Ship a “Product” for Strict Product Liability Purposes and is there a “Sophisticated Purchaser” Defense?

The federal court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has continued the recent trend of reexamining whether admiralty law applies in waterfront asbestos cases. In Mack v. General Electric Co., 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 143380 (Oct. 3, 2012), the court … Read full post…

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